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"VueBaseball.com" which aims to DISRUPT a multi-billion dollar sports-related market - you might not know even existed...did you know that only a few months ago a sports site was purchased for $550M?   

VueBasball is seeking entrepreneurial team members to embark on this new sports Venture! 

It's a BIG idea - we need people who:

1) Think Big

2) Love Sports

3) Curious thinkers

4) Believe in Sports Business as a catalyst for Good

5) Think Technology can reinvent yet another industry (UBER, Airbnb, eBay, etc)


- Sports Industry Experience

- Related Banking & Capital Markets

- Full Stack Web Engineers & SaaS Developers

- E-Commerce, SEO, Web Marketing, Social Media

- Shipping, Supply Chain, Logistics, 3PL Experience

- We are a Global Team of 10+ People.

- eBay, Amazon, Alibaba Ecommerce Experience 

- Part-time Availability (we meet every Friday online) 

 VueBaseball.com   if you'd like to learn more - you'll be sent a prospectus via email after NDA and be scheduled for a more in-depth phone call with our leadership team with no obligation to buy anything or invest. We are seeking developers, marketers, investors, advisors, and distribution experts.    Simply E:mail: rocky@CuriousDawg.com


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